Bible Garden visit Hoofdorp and way to the cross

As part of the lent Activities in ISC, we are planning to visit the Bible Garden in Hoofdorp
Date : 13th April, Saturday
Led by Father Avin Kunnekkadan
What we will do:
1. Bible garden with meditation with popular biblical images
2. Way of the cross in modern art
3. ‘Green’ Church
4. A religious book shop with all kinds of religious articles to buy
5. A guided tour of the church and the Biblical garden

To register please join the Facebook event and contact Arun

If interested mention in the comments for further info.

Dutch Hospitality Program (March 10, 2018)

I would like to thank the organizers of this event as It was one of my most exciting, funfilled day in The Netherlands. The day started with meeting the family (Totie and Elbard) in the church. After a short service, we had the opportunity to exchange our respective names and its meaning. This turned out to an excellent icebreaker for both the student and the family. Following that, we started from the church and reached their place. We had a small tour around their house, with Elbard explaining how a typical Dutch house is built. During lunchtime, I got to ask many questions related to the Dutch lifestyle and culture. Around 14.00 hrs we set off to Maeslantkering. En route, we visited the historic kruithuis. It was quite amazing to imagine the planning that went behind in building those storehouses. At Maeslantkering, we participated in a guided tour. The host explained the reason, steps and other decisions that were involved in building the one of a kind surge barriers. It was quite amazing to see the engineering marvel for which the Dutch are renowned of. While traveling back to Delft we visited the Zandmotor. After reaching delft we had dinner and exchanged some more facts about each other’s custom. To sum up, this arrangement was a success. They made us feel so comfortable that we felt we were a part of their family, which was the goal of the activity.


If you want to join this year contact us:

Bible Study – Reflections and Testimonies

The Bible study is an initiative by the ISC Delft, focused to provide the young people and students coming from different parts of the world, an opportunity to share and learn the different aspects of Christian faith through weekly bible study. The study is led by Fr. Avin Kunnekkadan, Sr. Shyny Joseph or by Rev. Taco Smit and students from IHE Delft Institute of Water Education and Technische Universiteit Delft (TU Delft) are regular members of the group.

“An intensive working day makes me very tired, but there is always one thing to cheer me up. I know warm dinner and warm people are waiting for me. Although at times I get late, I am always welcomed. This is the place where I find rest. Bible study helps me to look at my life from a higher perspective. I can see my weaknesses and find ways to cope up with them.”

~Mu-En Lu, Student of Life Science and Technology, TU Delft

“The bible study is a nice gathering to discuss about Bible, philosophy and religion amongst students with strong scientific background. It is also a nice way to get away from day-to-day activities and spend some time reflecting on our own lives. The relaxing atmosphere is definitely a plus point during the hectic academic life in Delft.”

~Arun Dominic Raphael (Graduated from TU Delft)

“I find it important to learn from others’ faith. And it is also a chance for me to discuss Bible in more depth.”

~Ashish Kurian (Graduated from TU Delft)

So, we would invite you to be a part of our wonder group and we hope to see you next time on Monday at 6:30 pm at Voorstraat 60, Delft.

Tot ziens!

-Praveen Panna- TU Delft, India