2016 National Summer Retreat Weekend : Sources of Inspiration

This report is compiled by: Mathew Jose Alani

The national summer weekend retreat organised by ISC Delft community, with the theme “Sources of Inspiration”, was attended by people from eight countries, during the second weekend of July. The main purpose of the retreat was to encourage the participants to introspect and search for their sources of inspiration which reminds us about the unconditional love of God in our hectic lives. The pilgrimage centre at Heiloo, near Alkmaar, provided the perfect surrounding with its lush greenery and serenity. Continue Reading →

Study Trip Summer 2016 : “Freedom, a precious gift”

The International Student Chaplaincy organized a study trip to Germany from 2nd till 9th July 2016 with the theme ‘Freedom – a precious gift’. The trip focused on the events of the Reformation and the life of Martin Luther 500 years ago, and on the more recent history of the city of Berlin including the Nazi time, the division and reunification of East and West Berlin and the present challenges of migration and refugees. Continue Reading →